Recreation Program

Our residents have active social schedules including ride outings, birthday and holiday celebrations, special events, theme days, daily groups and activities, as well as monthly entertainment groups. These are just some of the ways we provide our residents with meaningful recreational opportunities that meet their individual preferences.

The Brevillier Village Recreation Department provides activities at Barnabas Court and Ball Pavilion by gathering our residents together for newspaper reading, games, crafts, baking, music therapy, trivia, yoga and relaxation groups. Exercise groups, Wii-exercise, shuffleboard, bowling, and indoor golf are a small sample of the activities offered to our residents.

An active Conrad House Resident Council plans to exercise and Wii groups, Catholic Rosary, interdenominational worship services, social hours, social/reminisce, groups, games, and educational programs.

If your group would like to participate in a special event or if you have any questions regarding the Brevillier Village Recreation Department, please contact Marti Colliss, Director of Recreation at 814-899-8600 or

Salon and Spa Services

Our stylists can provide the following: shampoo and sets, perms, frosting, foils, haircuts, wig care, hair coloring, manicures, and hair styling. They can also perform waxing of the brows, lip, and chin, and do mustache and beard trimming. Also available are spa services featuring relaxing facials and paraffin hand dips. A reclining facial chair and soft music add to your already relaxing experience. Our extensive list of services encourages our residents to stay on campus for their salon and spa needs.

The Haven Program

Studies have confirmed that gardening, animals, and children help ease feelings of boredom and loneliness by making people feel wanted, needed and loved. There are also proven results that petting an animal can significantly reduce a person’s blood pressure. Most people shared their lives with children, animals or a garden during some part of their lifetime. These important parts of their lives continue here at Brevillier Village.

The Haven Program was developed to make Brevillier Village as “home-like” as possible. Animals, plants, and intergenerational groups are the core of the Haven Program. They stimulate each of the five senses in some manner using reminiscence, relaxation, spontaneity, and socialization.

During a visit, you may see cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, or fish throughout our entire community. We encourage visitors to bring their pets in to visit, however, they must be up to date with their shots, have regular flea treatments, and be on a leash and controlled by the owner at all times. Please contact Marti Collis, Director of Recreation before bringing your pet to visit.

The Haven Program operates totally on donations. If you are a pet owner, you know how costly it is to care for your animal. If you are interested in donating to the Haven Program, please contact Marti Colliss, Director of Recreation at 814-899-8600 or mcolliss@brevillier.orgDonations are always welcomed.

IN2L Computer System

The It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L) is a portable computer system designed for older adults. This system offers cognitive and communication games, different genres of music, and has internet searching and virtual tours. Residents get assistance from Recreation staff to check their email, Facebook and they have the ability to Skype with family and friends. IN2L is also used for rehabilitation in our rehab department. Brevillier Village is one of the few senior living communities in this area to have one of these resident friendly systems.